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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why is the stapler in Avery's room?

Upon Avery waking from her nap the other day, I noticed the stapler on her dresser....
what, why, who?Avery is potty trained but she still sleeps in diapers so as I began to take it of and replace it with panties, I noticed something shiny.
I found the answer to one of my questions.
"What?" It appeared that the staples were holding the, already fastened, diaper on.

Then I remembered that Adam put her down for her nap. So the answer to the "who" question...Adam!!

Now to the "why"? Later that day I asked him why Avery had staples in her diaper. His reply, he was putting her diaper on in the dark and COULD NOT get the tabs open, so he ran to the office, grabbed the stapler and voila, problem solved!

I thought, how in the world could you not get the tabs open?!
Then I recalled the events that took place prior him putting her to bed.

I was busy with Taylor and Adam volunteered to get Avery ready for her nap. As he was taking her potty I finished laying Taylor down and, being from the restaurant world, decided I would set Adam up for success, so I turned the light off, sound machine on, and laid a diaper out for him AND pulled the tabs open so it would be quick and easy. I guess it was a little TOO easy! With it being dark and Adam being a man, the tabs thing threw him off and, again being a man, he went into problem solving mode...

But at least there's tons of laughter and good stories!


  1. I think he and Shep Helton were cut from the same mold....hilarious!!

  2. This is so stinkin' funny.. classic Adam!