I am a daughter, wife, and mother! I CRAVE to know God's love more and to love HIM more. He is my ROCK on which I lean and my GUIDE on which I depend. I am worthless and lost without HIM! On any given day, you used to find me organizing something, sewing something, creating something (usually for organization purposes), or dreaming about making stuff that I pin;) Now, you'll find me trying to fold the same load of towels 3 days in a row, giving up on keeping my floors clean, getting a workout from going up and down the stairs 50 times a day, or enjoying the chaos of entertaining and playing with my kiddos (I try to do this last one more than the others). I adore my husband, love my kids, and wouldn't want do life without my friends!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My man....is 30!

April 23, 2011

I can't believe I'm old enough to have a 30 year old husband! I know, I'm just a year behind, but it'll all too weird! Oddly, I have been looking forward to this day for a while. Why? Well, I love to throw parties, especially when it can honor my best friend! I wanted him to have a day that was all about him; in which he would have a blast and be encouraged. He deserved it!

He started off the day with breakfast at Ross's Diner, a landmark Cartersville "restaurant", on the way to the Etowah Valley Sporting Club to, basically, shoot guns with a bunch of our friends and family men. I think Adam had a blast. It's something that he LOVES to do. Since the day we met, he has expressed to me his dreams of being a sniper and often mentioned that if he weren't a Christian he would be an assassin. A few years ago he started collecting and shooting guns. I gave him the choice to play golf or shoot...it was a no brainer for him!

Never would I have imagined my husband in this attire...times change!

I love this picture of my Dad, so I had to share!

Upon returning we had a big party to celebrate my man! Our awesome friend allowed us to have the blowout at her family's lake...GORGEOUS!!! The party was all about Adam. Coca-Cola decor, Mexican food, yard games, and friends and family....all his favorites!

Check out the Coca-Cola birthday banner (in the back) made my Amanda Brantley at Joyful Designs.

Avery and her cousin, Riley! I made all of the cousins coordinating dresses or shorts.
Of course, I forgot to get a picture of them all together.

I love my husband so much and wanted to him to have a blast but also be encouraged, SO I asked a few people to share. He wasn't expecting that at all. "When I think of Adam, I think of..." was the theme. Let me just say, he got a taste of his own medicine PLUS was encouraged a good bit!

Adam's mom and dad sharing.

Sister, Mandy, talking about her "big" brother ;)

Getting real about the birthday boy!

I roasted and toasted him bit and thought I would share with you.
I like to brag on him occasionally!

Knowing Adam and his personality, people probably wonder what it is like on a daily basis in our home. Well, let me allow you to be a fly on the wall.

On any given day you might find Adam…

· Spending some quality time with the commode and his iphone. It’s usually when I need some help with the girls, like changing a diaper. I’ve recently threatened to take away his phone before he proceeds to the throne! But what never fails is that I cannot go back in there for at least 20 minutes;)

· Making me laugh

· Talking to Stuart on the phone

· Working out upstairs. This usually consists of a little run/walk on the treadmill. Which I have to tell you that after a workout this week he was so excited…he had run for 7 minutes!!!! Within this workout he also does some hard core muscle building… Those 10-pound dumb bells are getting a good bit of action. Can’t you tell he has bulked up?!

· Dirty dancing in front of the mirror, in the kitchen, in the living room or anywhere. He quit doing this naked when my mom walked in on him!

· Talking on the phone to Stuart

· Playing with our girls, not in a cute dainty way, but growling and wrestling. I am constantly reminding him that we have girls not boys!

· Rolling his eyes if I say that I’m going to start a “project”.

· Calling me once I have finally gotten away from the house for a little me time, usually with the girls, saying something like that he is trying to finish eating and Taylor is crying….what should he do?!

· Talking on the phone to Stuart

· Rejecting me as I am trying to persuade him to try and eat or at least try something that he hasn’t since he was probably 5.

· Talking to Stuart on the phone

· STRUGGLING to just give me a sweet/romantic hug or a kiss without poking or prodding me in a, let’s just say, non-romantic manner!

· Making me laugh!

· Watching a reality TV show, especially Survivor, pausing it and saying, “Now here’s what I would do in this situation.” Or Dancing with the Stars…”Do you think I could do that”…in which I always answer YES!

· Watching 24 re-runs on his iphone in the bed with ear phones. I think I am beginning to dislike Netflix direct streaming!

· Talking to Stuart on the phone

· Reminding me that it has been 48 hours…enough said!

With ALL of that said in fun, you also might find Adam…

· Praying for his family and friends and sometimes crying on behalf of them!

· Working as hard as he can to allow me the opportunity to stay home with our girls and provide for our family

· Kissing each of us goodbye when he leaves the house for work.

· Goofing off with Avery and making her laugh…nothing makes me smile more than hearing them have so much fun together!

· Realizing I’m stressed or tired and doing anything he can to help me

· Washing the dishes almost EVERY night after dinner. (I have his Dad to thank for that.)

· In his office for HOURS praying and preparing a Sunday school lesson

· Challenging me personally and in my relationship with the Lord.

· Crying at the sweet, sob stories on ESPN

· Not wavering in his personal convictions

· Persevering through diligence in specific areas of his life

· Loving his family more than he can show

· Teaching Avery the Bible

· Simply teaching Avery. He is so gifted in this area and Avery LOVES to learn from him.

· Being very intentional with his time with each of us girls.

· Praying with Avery before bed.

· Calling random people to check in on them.

· Being selfish with his time with me.

· Oh and talking to Stuart on the phone!


I am proud and honored to be your wife! I love you more than you know or I know how to show you. I notice ALL the things that you do for me, for our girls, for our friends, and most importantly for our Lord! I not only notice but I GREATLY respect and appreciate your efforts and actions. You are truly the husband and partner that I always wanted and prayed for. While at times things may not be easy and I may not always act or show you that I care, PLEASE no that I truly adore and honor you. I crave you more than you know and as I have said MANY times…I would not want to live this life with anyone else but you! You are an AMAZING man and I promise to continue to work at loving you more selflessly! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

His new toy!

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