I am a daughter, wife, and mother! I CRAVE to know God's love more and to love HIM more. He is my ROCK on which I lean and my GUIDE on which I depend. I am worthless and lost without HIM! On any given day, you used to find me organizing something, sewing something, creating something (usually for organization purposes), or dreaming about making stuff that I pin;) Now, you'll find me trying to fold the same load of towels 3 days in a row, giving up on keeping my floors clean, getting a workout from going up and down the stairs 50 times a day, or enjoying the chaos of entertaining and playing with my kiddos (I try to do this last one more than the others). I adore my husband, love my kids, and wouldn't want do life without my friends!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yes, I realize that I have not blogged in way over a month, but I must say that I have been surprised about the lack of "extra" time provided in a day. I LOVE having 2 girls, but WHEW time flies by while taking care of them and, my most special baby, Adam!

Oddly, the Lord has had me in Exodus the past 2 weeks and I must say, HE has been lighting me up!! I have been stuck in two chapters, just reading them over and over, journaling, and listening.

How often do we turn away from God or simply, choose to turn to something or someone else. Could it be because God isn't coming through for us the way we want? We could even be doing this unintentionally. Upon reading Exodus 32, I thought, I trust Him and His ways...then He hit me! What about when I simply become complacent to HIS Presence!

In Exodus 32 Moses was with God on Mt. Sinia for 40 days and 40 nights. The Lord had already lead the Israelites out of Egypt and they were on their way to the Promised Land. The people got anxious because Moses was gone for so long, so they decided to make gods that could go before them to guide and protect them along their journey. My initial reaction in reading this was, "Seriously?! God has already delivered them and has over and over provided for them and shown He is trustworthy and worthy of their faith." 2nd reaction after about 5 seconds of thinking: Ummm....Oops...How easily do I take matters into my own hands or simply and, sometimes, unintentionally, ignore the PRESENCE of God in my life?! At least the Israelites had real problems and so badly depended on God's PRESENCE that when they didn't see it they panicked and tried to replace Him and create their own gods to lead them. I tend to just not pay attention to HIM...ugh...makes me sick!!!! I so easily turn to my ways for living or solving my daily problems. Whether it's yet another system I create to organize my life or taking the burden on myself to be a good wife and mother. HIS Presence is way more than I know....it is EVERYTHING!

Are you walking in constant awareness of the Lord? What areas or times in your day do you typically just kinda forget about His Presence? Me? The mundane, consistent tasks of being a stay at home mom and many other times (just being honest).

The Lord is the only one I want "to go before" me to guide, protect, and lead me through this life He has given me. God is CONSTANT, unfailing, peace and patience providing! Apparently, my ways fail...who knew!!!!!

So chapter 33 exemplifies God's Presence and REALLY rocked me, but I have a baby in bed that won't keep her paci in her mouth and a toddler that would rather wrestle with her Daddy then go to sleep...I'm needed! I will try to wrap it up later!